We roll our artisanal infused blunts with only the finest indoor cannabis flower and Infused with live sugar that is selected for a unique, flavorful experience. These blunts are handcrafted rolled into a natural wrap that includes a reusable glass tip. These are then generously coated with dry sifted Kief on the outside for more added flavor and potency.
Can’t finish a whole joint but want that same flavorful experience? Try our Moonwalker prerolls, these are also crafted using premium flower, dry sifted Kief and highly purified cannabis distillate that are homogenized together during our infusion process. These Moonrocks are then rolled into a RAW paper and lightly coated with kief on the outside to pack a punch of flavor and potency into a smaller unit for a more on the go, quick smoke Paletas experience.

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